Vietnam elephants

The elephants in Vietnam need our attention.
There are less then 200 elephants in Vietnam now, there may very soon be less than 100 elephants in the entire country.

Wild elephants

Most of Vietnamn wild elephants are in Dak Lak, Dong Nai and Nghe An provinces.
Only in Yok Don National Park in Dak Lak, 6 elephants out of the total population of 50 were poached this year.

Captive elephants

Vietnam also has a captive elephant population that is important. Mountain tribes lived in coexistence with elephants for thousand years. Their culture is also under threat. They are an important bridge to the elephants, their knowledge is important. They dont want the elephants to die out. They want to breed the last captive elephants.
In 2007 The Peoples Committee of Dak Lak Province in the central highlands approved a VND8.5 billion (US$528,500) project to preserve domesticated elephants in the region.

Those funding are more or less gone, and not so much is being done now. The 5 years project time is also soon finished.


The rescue of Vietnams elephants is presently entirely on the shoulders of their nation.
Can we support people in Vietnam who want to conserve their last elephants? Who wants to help?

What can be done?

More information will be displayed soon.